Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I started the afternoon with great intentions. I meant to study Hebrew while Rory played and/or watched a movie. Well I get to her house, she wants to play in her toy room, so upstairs we go. She's very much not interested in playing with me, as usual, she would rather stuff a stuffed snake in her pants and pretend that she is a kitty... So I have the ample time to work on my Hebrew vocab. What do I do instead??? I play on the computer for 2 hours.. AHHH!!!...
Motivation where art thou?

Then I started thinking, it's nice out side, maybe we should go on a walk and get a treat. I have offered at least 10 times to take Rory to get a big sugary cookie covered in Frosting or ice cream if she so desires... She's NOT interested... I don't understand... who is this kid?
Seriously. Passing up a suger high?? Who wouldn't jump on that??


  1. thats the prob with kids... they dont know what they want.

  2. I wouldn't jump at that. tear...