Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zoe's second major youth event of the summer

Zoe has been on many, many adventures this summer.  This past weekend she went on her first Middle school retreat to MUUUCE. It was an amazing experience, and in her true form, Zoe was trooper! It helped that we brought grandma and grandpa along to play with Zoe while blake and I were off riding roller coasters with the middle schoolers.  Zoe had her first sleep over with Grandpa and Grandma, they slept at the hotel while we crashed on the floor of the church.
Anyway here are some pics of the experience.
On the road

lunch with daddy and the MS

We made it to St. Paul, and boy is it hot!

Hanging out at the hotel

my cereal gotee

I just playing

before church with the grandrents


mommy kisses!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A couple firsts

Zoe's been learing on growing.  here are a couple videos of her firsts!

not her first role, but maybe her second or tenth

her real first bites.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I have an obsession.  I LOVE chocolate.  Not only do I LOVE chocolate, but I AGAPE (this might be blasphemous) Aldi's chocolate....  sadly I live in a teeny tiny city that doesn't not have an aldi's... so i asked my dear sweet friend Erin to bring me chocolate when she comes here next weekend...  so what does she do?  She uses my weakness against me and says No blog update, no chocolate...  BLACKMAIL I tell you!

All that to say, Zoe keeps growing and discovering new things.  Last week she learned to roll from back to belly and last night she learned to roll from belly to back.  She's quite a rock star at it!  She's also mastered the art of giggling...  which usually leads to hick ups!
Enough talking!  Lets see the cutie!