Sunday, July 19, 2009

Life is crazy...

It has been awhile sense I posted, I have no excuses except that I have just had a hard time keeping up with life. A few highlights of the past couple weeks in the Craig home is... Daa, daa, DAA... We have a new apartment. We will be moving to Elgin in less then a month. We found a 2 bedroom apartment with amenities like a work out room and pool and dishwasher. The only thing that made the deal sweeter is that because of the sucky economy the company that owns the apartments lowered the price on the apartments, so we got a bigger bang for our buck!

The second big thing is that Blake and I replaced my car. after adding over 100,000 miles to it in the time that the Hanson's owned it, we decided that it was time to let it go. So we a Suzuki Forenza... so here's a pic of it. Two major pieces in our lives figured out, one more to go. I have a phone interview with a church from South Dakota this coming Tuesday. I am also waiting to hear from a church in Batavia if they would like to continue conversation with me about a youth position there. So please keep praying that God will direct us to the church that He has for us.