Friday, November 13, 2009

It's all falling into place

As many know, Blake and I will be moving to sioux falls in about a month (well I will in about 2 weeks) and I am completely amazed at how well the details are coming together. Which is just another confirmation that this is where God wants us and what he has for us. Earlier this week Blake and I found 2 places (a town home and a twin home) that we both really liked. After doing some research and through the kindness of some new friends we found the place we want to live, and the application is sent and the deposit should be there today!

Moving opened a whole new world to blake as to what he wanted to do for his job. So we've been looking for jobs that are a little more in the campish realm and a lot less in the school realm. And it seems we may have found something for him. He has an interview on Sat. 28th for YES (and the CEO of the company wants to meet him... who would have known he was so impressive!)

And that is just the tip of the ice berg! God is good!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We got a kicker!

Last night Zoe was moving like crazy. i wondered if I'd be able to see her kicking from the out side. So while laying in bed last night I saw my tummy jumping in places that it shouldn't be jumping! So i called Blake in and although he didn't see her kick, he got to feel her kick last night! Exciting stuff! Only it makes me think about that it's cute and a miracle to see her kick now, but in in 2 years if she kicks me in the stomach she will be in trouble!
PS: Not my belly!

Friday, November 6, 2009

New addition

Last Sat. (halloween) we got our first pictures of Zoe... well not the first, but the first ones where she doesn't look like a blob. I thought I'd share!
Here's her foot

Here she is laying on her side. she's looking at you with her big skelton eyes... I think you can see either her hands or knees...

This is a close up of her face. You can see her eye sockets and her nose...

Finally we have her arm!
One of these days I will get some belly pics up. she's 21 weeks in these photo's...