Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We got a kicker!

Last night Zoe was moving like crazy. i wondered if I'd be able to see her kicking from the out side. So while laying in bed last night I saw my tummy jumping in places that it shouldn't be jumping! So i called Blake in and although he didn't see her kick, he got to feel her kick last night! Exciting stuff! Only it makes me think about that it's cute and a miracle to see her kick now, but in in 2 years if she kicks me in the stomach she will be in trouble!
PS: Not my belly!


  1. THAT is SO AWESOME! It is amazing to see how little they are how much you can still see her. :) your belly is getting big too. :) THat makes me happy! :)
    love ya!

  2. i love that photo and wanted liam to give me a shot like that but he has a hard time listening sometimes. i hope i can rub that belly soon!