Monday, March 30, 2009

The problem with the time after time off...

Well my self declared spring break is officially over, as I sit across from Rory, watching her watch Shreck, I wonder where it went...
Now that I have had a little time to rest and re-coop, I am officially not feeling well, once again overwhelmed by homework and up-coming midterm, and looking forward to heading home to NE in 3 days.

In my selfishness I would ask, if you have a moment, to please pray me through the next 53 days as my seminary career comes to an end. I'm eagerly anticipating graduating, but unfortunately I'm not there yet, and there are midterms to take, papers to write and finals to dread.... and I need prayer! Thanks for taking the time to drop by!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The problem with time off...

So today is the second day of my self-declared spring break. I've gone to class (I know, defeats the purpose of spring break) gone for a jog, and taken a shower. Now I have about 20 hours worth of homework to do...
The problem with time off is that even though there is ample time to get the 'extra' things done that I want to do... and never have time to do... for some reason I keep finding ways to not to do what I have planned to do, and just veg out...

Extra time means more procrastination... ahhh... I must fight against the madness...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Spring Break to me!

Not many 29 year olds get to enjoy the wonders of Spring Break, but because I've devoted my twenties to being a student I have had a taste of it for the past ten years. But this semester spring break was less then disirable for me. I enjoyed my time with the little one I nanny for, but packed on the hours at CRC, causing me to work more, play less and not enjoy my own spring break... Ahhh... but good things happen to those who wait. This week the campus that we where working on at CRC is mostly complete, so I don't have to go in there the rest of the week (I think) and my lovely little one's mom has spring break, so I don't have her... So what is a girl to do??? HAPPY SPRING BREAK JILLY!!!

Sure it's a shortened one, starting on wed and all, and yes I do have class, but that's only for like 2.5 hours... I think I will sleep in, read, run, and enjoy outside and rest. For the weather out side is much better then it was 2 weeks ago!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

day dreamin and pimples

So for the past couple days I've been contiplating writing a blog about day dreaming and pimples. I don't know about you, but i love the feel of popping a pimple when real big and ready to be popped... and then I got a big one on my forehead... and I realized that pimples are not all they are cracked up to be, no are they worth day dreaming about... Deep I know.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

view with care

There comes a time in a married couples life when you start doing things that the other spouse enjoys just because you love them... Then you realize that this piece of them isn't half bad. So you record it for all the world to see... So here is Blake singing Karaoke, enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Problem with Blogs

The problem with blogs is that there is no instant gratification in it. One can post a blog and then it just sits there... people may read it, they may not, but one will never know. Not like facebook where you can post something, then read on about other conversation, or catch someone making a one line comment... Good think I have Erin, she likes to post things... she's my hero

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There is nothing like living in the city. This morning after my alarm had gone off for the second time, I heard this awful screeching sound... you know the sound that happens prior to the loud boom of cars hitting themselves. Except the booming sound didn't happen, well at least close enough to my house for me to hear it. Well I payed it no mind because well, it's Chicago, things like that happen. So after my alarm went off for the forth time I decided to get up and get ready to go the gym for my most favorite run... or the 2 mile torure that I just endured...
As I walk out the door, right in front of my house, there was this black car with the tires facing an awkward direction. There was also a police officer talking with a lady about what happened. I asked a by stander what happened... He said a kid hit a van up the road, and the steering must of went out... the kid grabbed his stuff--- possible including a fire shooting hunk of metal...
And my friend the police are still sitting there watching the car, an hour later...

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'll prove them wrong...

It has been said, in the nine hours sense I began this blog, that I will not continue to update my blog. Well, I'm out to prove those who have no faith in me wrong. I will update my blog, what i have to say may not be interesting, but at least there is a up date.
The most interesting that have has happened in the hour and 15 minutes that I have been awake on this beautiful Monday morning (and yes is it beautiful... the sun is shinning, the stinking week of working early all day called spring break is over, I slept in 2 days in a a row, my beautiful friend Crisanda is here, i will get to see more beautiful friends this week, and I will get play out side today, yes my friends this Monday is beautiful) is that I went running.
In my I am going to enter a 5k run at the Dells with my old roomie Nicole. In order for me to survive that run I must start running now! So i woke up, took about 20 minutes to convince myself to go run, googled the path so I knew the distance, and I sat out... I ran... I am out of shape and my body is sore, but I will continue running...
hows that for not interesting??

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The first blog

Well, this is the first blog created by the Craigs, but it's the first one created by the Mrs.
As of right now there really isn't too much to report. We are surviving our first year of marriage quite well I think.
May 23 I finally graduate from Seminary. After about 11 years of undergrad, internship and Seminary i more then ready to leave the books behind!
Blake and I are extremely excited about the next step in our lives. We are trying to be very patient as we wait for God to direct us to our next stop on this crazy journey called life. As of right now we are completely clueless as to where we will be come Aug, but we do know that God is good and he will show us exactly where he wants us to go in his time.
Stay tuned for more exciting stories from the Wacky World of the Craigs!