Monday, June 21, 2010

it's been awhile!

It's been way too long since I've posted.  Zoe is growing by leaps and bounds.  Ben is getting use to having her around and has taken to licking the grill as some form of comfort. Zoe is wiggling a lot in her bouncy seat and is learning to grab things. Month two we had great success with her taking the passy, but now that she is a mature 3 month old she is rejecting it, perfering to suck on her hands.  Zoe loves to kick, and has began to favor a rag doll that one of our college students has made for her.  Although i know that she is WAY to young to be talking, she has successfully looked at blake twice and said 'daddy'  she has also yelled his name in the mist of chewing me out for putting her in her car seat.  Zoe has a busy few weeks ahead of her.  Wed. we leave for MN for the Annual meeting.  she will get some good snuggle time in with Nana while mommy is in her meetings.  Next week Zoe will take her first plane ride to Chicago, our landing place before we head to Indiana to see gammy, Auntie Brooke, Tio and Great-grandpa Earl, as well as her great aunts.  Then next week we will pack Zoe up again and head back to Chicago for our youth Mission trip.  Zoe will do some snuggling with some of mommy's friends, while mommy and the kids head out into the city to serve.  After the mission trip, Zoe plans on staying home for awhile. 
Well that's the news on the Zoe front.  It's about time to feed her anyway...