Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve in Sioux Falls.

Blake and i survived the three weeks apart from when I moved to start my new job at Prairie Hills Cov. Church, and when Blake finished his time at DaVinci.  I think Blake and i are no worse for the ware, but poor little Ben.  He's a bit needier now a days.  He wants lots of pets and hugs and he LOVES spending time outside at our new place!
Our trip from Elgin to Sioux Falls was all too eventful.  The morning started off with Blake backing into a car at our apartment complex...  the owner was outside...  I still don't understand why he didn't move his car when he saw us come in with the big truck, but what ever.  he was gracious and we moved on...  next blake broke the hall light ficture while caring a mattrice out...  then at somepoint he crashed and burned and ripped his pants. 
After some tearful goodbyes (hey i'm pregant, it's allowed) we got on our way.  We made it Madison WI before we needed a potty break.  we did not choose our exit well, and ended up exiting at a very busy part of town with no good place for a 26' truck... so we decided to get back on the highway.... going the wrong direction... then we exited to turn around... on another highway...  finally we got turned around and continued on our way. 
Around WI Dells traffic started slowing down.  Black Ice. Blake in the 26' truck goes to change lanes and he slide.  I freak out. I start slowing down, i slide.  Then we came upon a few accidents...  a 18 wheeler on it's side in the ditch, another car in the ditch, and one flipped in the ditch.  Needless to say i freaked out (again I'm blaming pregnancy).  unfortunatly there was no place to stop until we were in the clear.  so we kept trecking on.
Next I noticed that the rear lights on the Truck went out.  it was all good, i just drove behind Blake... until we get to MN and get pulled over.  GRRR...  The cop reminded Blake that texting in MN was illegal and sent us on our way... how he knew there was texting going on is beyond me... cause at that point i was talking on the phone... speaker... which made the phone line up, but no texting. 
We get back on our way.  it's about 1:30 in the morning.  We are about 5 miles from our destination and i see the flashing lights in my rear view mirror...  I'm thinking they were stopping blake again, because of the lights.  But no, they go around blake and stop me.  I know I wasn't speeding so I didn't know what was up.  Appearently, i had left my brights on through town.  My bad.  I was told to turn off my brights and follow blake because of his lights.  We obeyed.
Blake took the lead.  I told him how to find the drive way to the Hildrings... only i forgot to tell him they have 2 drive ways and we need to take the second one.  He turnes into the first one, misses it and takes his 26' truck through the ditch.  He decided to just gun it because it was too big of a truck to pull out... 
FINALLY at 2 AM we get there.  Tired, stressed, and SO GlAD to be off the road....
Now 4 days later we are almost mostly settled in the house.  Blake got a new job and started yesterday, and we had a good check up for Zoe, and all seems to be good!
We have lots to be Thankful for!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ahh the changes

The past few weeks has brought a bunch of changes.  I've been settling into being a youth pastor in Sioux Falls, adjusting to FREEZING tempetures, living without my husband, and watching my tummy dance all day long as Zoe does karate in my belly. 
Minus not having blake here, I would say so far so good!  and the best part is I still get to sleep in!!  And believe me, i'm going to take advantage of it while I can!!
so i know I'm not real creative in this post, but I'll fill you in on the changes and craziness of next week...

Tuesday i offically get the new place
Thursday my parents come to take me to omaha
Friday we drive to Omaha so i can fly to chicago via Minnesota
Sat we load the truck in chicago and drive to sioux falls
sunday i teach confirmation
YEAH for craziness!