Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The new place... well it will be Dec. 3

We have a new house... well almost.  We haven't closed yet, but they have accepted our offer, and things are moving a long swiftly.
Here are some pics of the new place
 This is the "extra room" It's in the basement and it has it's own bathroom...  sadly the princess castle doesn't stay
 The front of the house.
 our big beautiful back yard and deck
 yes folks, that's oak!  Cute right
 Dinning room... use to be a bed room...  but now we dine
 the selling point, the family room built off the kitchen, it's quite lovely
 front room
 basement family room
 Zoe's Room
 Master suite...  Of course the stuff in the house isn't ours, but I think we will make it just as cozy!