Wednesday, January 6, 2010

31 Weeks... what?!?

Tomorrow marks my 31st week of pregnancy...  Where has the time gone???  where has my waist gone??  I walk by the windows at church and I can't believe that the protruding thing attached to my back is my baby belly!!!
Not too much to report sense my last blog.  Blake and I are still adjusting to our new jobs and trying to figure out how everything works.  Ben has been a snuggle bunny!  I love it!  He tends to smell my tummy a lot, so I'm assuming that he's knows there's a little person in there, and he's a bit jealous!  I'll take it!  I love my puppy snuggles!
Last monday Blake and I went to our first birthing class.  At this point it's a waste of money...  we learned nothing... which i hope will change in the future, cause I'm pretty sure I need more information before the big day comes.
Zoe is growing and grow... hence the baby belly...  she has days when she doesn't stop moving and then there are days when she's sleeping all day.  she does tend to kick if she feels pressure.  The other day i was balancing my hot tea on my belly and Zoe decided to kick it...  it was a full cup, and I almost wore it!
Well, that's my story for now!