Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ahhh.. Wed.

So today was a fun day... slightly. I spent my morning in the archives, getting nauseous while looking at the micro film machine. Then off to pick up my 4 and a half year old best friend. We did our typical daily routine when we got to her house, she watched a movie and I did homework. Then, like usual, we went to the 4 year old heaven called that attic. After playing kitty and "throwing herself off the vine" Rory looks at me and says, "I want to go somewhere". I jumped on that one because It's going to be a late night and I needed some time away from the house. So dressed in her pink stripped leggings and flower print pink skirt Rory and head to Target. Rory picks out a couple items from the $1 bins, then we proceed to the toy aisle. She tells me everything that she wants for her birthday, which was practically everything in the toy department. Then we go to grab a few things that I needed. Rory proceeds to tell me that she doesn't have any more energy for this and that she wants to go home. So I tell her she better find some energy because we are going to play McDonald's after Target. She coughed and told me that she has some energy stored in her hip. Finally we checked out and headed to MacDonald's. We played for awhile, then Rory was ready to eat. So I got her food, and I waited for Blake to show up.

Now here is where the story gets good, cause normally Rory screams and cries for about 30 minutes when Blake shows up. BUT today she waved at him from the play ground, then came up and gave him a big hug... Yes it made Blake's day. They the two of them giggled and had fun being silly...

Ahh it was a good day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Good News!

After 2 nights and one full day listening to the sound of multiple fans, a dehumidifier and a intense blower our carpets are almost dry, and are getting cleaned tomorrow. The cleaning is long over due... so that is the positive about being flooded. So one more night of smelling mildew/moldish/dirty water smell in the apartment.
Praise God!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Sat.

So far this weekend has been amazing! My most favorite Erin came to town. We spent Friday morning running, then we went to the mall and had a chair massage. Next we picked my little Rory up from school then the three of us when to and had a pedicure, so fun! Rory was a trooper, she did a great job sitting for them! After playing at the part we took Rory home and Erin and I did a little shopping. Sat. morning we slept in, ate a good breakfast, went down town shopping... including American Girl... oh yeah. We came home to a lovely smelling house thanks to the Roast and potato's in the crock pot. We were going to go to Uncommon Grounds on Devon for dessert, but our plans changed when Blake walked out of the bathroom and stepped in a pool of water. Having flooded a few times, my first instinct was to run into the laundry room. I figured the Garden people had put the barrels up again to catch rain water. I opened the door to the laundry room. First mistake. Water was at least 4 or 5 inches high. So the water from the laundry room came flowing into the kitchen.

Then I made my next mistake. After struggling with the back door, I succeeded in getting it open. Then about another 6-8 inches of water came flowing in. I tried my best to shut the door real quick, but the water kept flowing.
So now at 8:45 at night Phys Plant is trying to Vacuum up the water, I have a head ache from the smell. My bed room floor is wet, the front hallway is wet, the bathroom is wet, the kitchen is wet, but the back bed
room is only wet right at the door... weird.

So after all that, happen Saturday to us!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How was your Sunday??

How was your Sunday? This is the question that most people hear on the first day of the work week. I anticipate asking Rory about her Sunday, what she did, did she have a good time. Then (as our routine goes) I tell her a little about my weekend... Usually stories about Blake and times when he was being silly. Then she giggles and asks for candy.
As I sit here, watching my 5th episode of Law and Order, I wonder what I will tell her tomorrow. I can tell her about the amazing crime solving abilities that these detectives have... but that may be inappropriate for a 4 year old. I could tell her how I have made a dent in the couch from sitting and watching Law and Order for 5 hours... she'll laugh at that, she's funny like that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


May 9 I will see just how out of shape I am. May 9 my old roomie and I are running in a 5k. 3.1 miles, doesn't sound so bad... It's a walk/run, doable. The only problem I haven't gone running in 2 weeks... ahh Motivation.... One of these days I will get out there again. hopefully a few times before May 9th...

Wow, this post is less then interesting... but I posted just for you, Sarah!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

If I could bottle up the smell and send it to you, I would...

Easter, a time for family, food, and praising the risen Savior. One of my memories of family dinners was that my Granny would always bring her oatmeal dinner rolls. They were so good! Last Christmas I tried to share the wonder of granny's oatmeal dinner rolls with my in-laws, and i pretty much failed measurably, but they were gracious and ate them anyway... Then today, I succeeded. My house smells like granny's house, my rolls look like granny's rolls... well almost, her were always perfect... and I can not wait to try them tomorrow!!!

So take and look and drool all you want at these tastie family favorites!.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ahh Staples, how I hate thee.

Today I spent 7 hours taking staples out of paper, scanning documents and then stapleing them back together again. It was awesome. My favorite part was when I was using all the strength in my fingers to take the staple out, and all of a sudden it shot out of the staple remover thing and hit me square in my Eye... That goodness for contacts.

Ahh the joys of data entry, Tuesday can not come fast enough...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I started the afternoon with great intentions. I meant to study Hebrew while Rory played and/or watched a movie. Well I get to her house, she wants to play in her toy room, so upstairs we go. She's very much not interested in playing with me, as usual, she would rather stuff a stuffed snake in her pants and pretend that she is a kitty... So I have the ample time to work on my Hebrew vocab. What do I do instead??? I play on the computer for 2 hours.. AHHH!!!...
Motivation where art thou?

Then I started thinking, it's nice out side, maybe we should go on a walk and get a treat. I have offered at least 10 times to take Rory to get a big sugary cookie covered in Frosting or ice cream if she so desires... She's NOT interested... I don't understand... who is this kid?
Seriously. Passing up a suger high?? Who wouldn't jump on that??