Saturday, April 11, 2009

If I could bottle up the smell and send it to you, I would...

Easter, a time for family, food, and praising the risen Savior. One of my memories of family dinners was that my Granny would always bring her oatmeal dinner rolls. They were so good! Last Christmas I tried to share the wonder of granny's oatmeal dinner rolls with my in-laws, and i pretty much failed measurably, but they were gracious and ate them anyway... Then today, I succeeded. My house smells like granny's house, my rolls look like granny's rolls... well almost, her were always perfect... and I can not wait to try them tomorrow!!!

So take and look and drool all you want at these tastie family favorites!.


  1. They were perfect. How appropriate that they were rolls and like Christ they rose... Ok I am strectching on that one...

  2. they look like my mom's rolls but hers don't have oatmeal in them