Monday, February 22, 2010

Childhood dreams coming true!!!

I'm sure every little girl does it, and i'm fairly positive that little boys do it as well.  They sit around and talk with with their friends about their plans for the future, which of course always includes the friend that is sitting next to them.  I did it, and you know you did it too! 
One of those plans for my future was having babies at the same time as my friend Sunni.  You know, be cute and pregnant together, and have kids who grow up together.  Well we didn't get to be cute and pregnant together, as Sunni is adopting, but we did get to talk and dream about what we wanted for our kids, what we need to registure for.  We compared notes on cribs, and strollers, and baby cloths.  We talked about the book baby wise, and I told her she NEEDS to check out the book "happiest baby on the block." no, we weren't pregnant together, but we definantly still planned together. 
THEN God in all his random timing allowed our childhood day dreams to come true.  My little one will be here really any time, but hopefully in 3 weeks. And sunni's little one was born Feb. 4, and is joining their family today.  Sure, our kids will not get to grow up in across the street from each other like we planned, but they will grow up together, and we both get to experience the days and nights of not sleeping, first days of kindergarden, jr. high, and driving together.  It amazing how God works, and I am SO excited to see what the future holds for our little ones!
Anyway, here is the baby bump at 37 weeks!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

35 days and counting....

One more week and I will offically be 9 months pregnant.  This adventure has gone by quickly, with a lot of chaos in the mist of it.  But i can't complain, i haven't been very sick, I'm still sleeping through the night... no need to get up and use the bathroom...  I haven't had horrible leg craps... it's been good so far.  Here's the new belly shot, and a few pics of Zoe's room.  It's still a work in progress, but we are getting close to being completely ready for her!

Zoe's new bedding... Thanks Aunties!

35 weeks... 

The purple half of Zoe's room

The not purple half of Zoe's room!