Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Spring Break to me!

Not many 29 year olds get to enjoy the wonders of Spring Break, but because I've devoted my twenties to being a student I have had a taste of it for the past ten years. But this semester spring break was less then disirable for me. I enjoyed my time with the little one I nanny for, but packed on the hours at CRC, causing me to work more, play less and not enjoy my own spring break... Ahhh... but good things happen to those who wait. This week the campus that we where working on at CRC is mostly complete, so I don't have to go in there the rest of the week (I think) and my lovely little one's mom has spring break, so I don't have her... So what is a girl to do??? HAPPY SPRING BREAK JILLY!!!

Sure it's a shortened one, starting on wed and all, and yes I do have class, but that's only for like 2.5 hours... I think I will sleep in, read, run, and enjoy outside and rest. For the weather out side is much better then it was 2 weeks ago!!


  1. I hope you enjoy your break I know you need it! see ya in April! :)

  2. Shoot GURL! You do be needin' a break. Yougotza be dealin' wif me. (sorry been teaching hip hop, and feeling a little jiggy with it.)