Monday, March 16, 2009

I'll prove them wrong...

It has been said, in the nine hours sense I began this blog, that I will not continue to update my blog. Well, I'm out to prove those who have no faith in me wrong. I will update my blog, what i have to say may not be interesting, but at least there is a up date.
The most interesting that have has happened in the hour and 15 minutes that I have been awake on this beautiful Monday morning (and yes is it beautiful... the sun is shinning, the stinking week of working early all day called spring break is over, I slept in 2 days in a a row, my beautiful friend Crisanda is here, i will get to see more beautiful friends this week, and I will get play out side today, yes my friends this Monday is beautiful) is that I went running.
In my I am going to enter a 5k run at the Dells with my old roomie Nicole. In order for me to survive that run I must start running now! So i woke up, took about 20 minutes to convince myself to go run, googled the path so I knew the distance, and I sat out... I ran... I am out of shape and my body is sore, but I will continue running...
hows that for not interesting??


  1. I am so proud of you! Maybe you will inspire me to run? probably not but maybe. :)

  2. how fun, you and nicole running together. ill stand on the sides and cheer you gals on!