Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wishing her life away

Two weeks ago I found myself wrapped around one of the smallest little finger ever.  As I looked at that little face I fell more and more in love with her by the minute... she has the cutest little fingers and makes the wierdest grunting/growling noises.  Then I saw her unbilical cord and thought that is the grosses thing ever.  Then I decided I couldn't wait until it came off...  Then last night, at 13 days old, her umbilical cord came off.  and as excited as i thought i would be, because diapering her just became a 100 times easier, I was a little sad, and I decided that I'm not going to wish Zoe's life away.  As exciting as it will be when she rolls over, or begins to crawl, or says her first word, I'm not going to sit around hoping for those moments and forget to enjoy the moment that she is currently at.  Because before I know it she will be driving or going to college or something. 

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