Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She's here!

One minute I was thinking about bowling with a bunch of stinky middle school kiddos, the next minute i am sitting in a puddle of yuck!  luckly I was in Blakes car... in the drivers seat, and thankfully I have a leader that is amazing with the students, so i could drive away.
And that is what I did... yes I continued to drive, all the way home to change my pants, get my stuff and head to the hospital.  Our friend Hannah meet us at the house to take care of ben. (note ben was WAY attentive all day on friday, never too far away from me... I think he know Zoe was coming!) 
I gave ben some snuggles and blake and I headed to the hospital.  by the time I made it up to the treague room I was once again sitting in a puddle...  no one ever told me that once your water breaks it continue to leak THE WHOLE TIME. 
So Blake and I got admitted and moved into our new room.  It's about 11 PM now.  they start checking my vitals, put on the baby heart monitor and the contraction tracker and they tell me to go to sleep...  my contractions were not horrible, so I listened. 
We woke up around 7ish when our new birthing nurse came is.  Marilyn was the MOST AMAZING NURSE EVER!  She was open and honest with us and very good advocate for me.  She was also an amazing woman of God... and her churches secretary, so we had a lot to talk about.
About 11 the Dr. came in and started making demands for our game plan. I was tired and over whelm and started crying, blake was upset with the dr...  so the dr's left and blake and I with the help of marilyn decided that we needed some help to get this thing started.  First they put me on antibotics and then a couple hours they started Pitocin.  About 5 the contractions kicked in. at first they wernt too bad.  Then the back labor started.  I could no longer say anything.  i got in the big tube to help ease the pain... it only worked a little bit. 
Our game plan was to do it all natural, but the back labor was so hard, and our AMAZING night nurse told us we had about 6 more hours of this type of labor.  And that I was only 3 cm dialated.  At that point I knew I needed a epidural.  It took the the dr. FOREVER to come and put in the epidural.  i was getting whinny and mean.  but once the meds kicked in I felt good....  so I went to sleep. 
At one point Zoe's heart rate dropped to 50, and gave us a scare, but she got it back up.  I woke up later to hear Kathy, the nurse, calling the Dr. to come because she was concerned about Zoe's irregular heart beat.  They put a cap monitor on Zoe to get a better heart beat.  And then informed me that I was 9cm dialated.  A little later we woke blake up because it was time to start pushing.  As I pushed the dr. discovered the cause of my back pain...  She was face up.  So we pushed, Zoe's irregular heart beat continued to be a concern.  Finally the Dr. said we have 2 choices, forceps or c-section.  We went for the forceps.  I pushed, the dr. pulled... nothing. the Dr. looked at me and said one more push if she doen't come we will have to do a c-section.  I pushed with everything and finally she came! a little cone headed, but perfect! 7lb 5oz 20 inches long!
Did i mention that she was born on sunday morning....  i started this process Friday night...
I am so thankful for my nurses Marilyn and Kathy two amazing women of God who were just what we needed to help us through this process... and for Dr. Fritz, the resident dr... he was so great!  Dr. Sierra wasn't as personalable as the rest of the crew, but he was the perfect person to get Zoe out!
So that's my long drawn out story!

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  1. I am so glad that Zoe is here. By it taking so long it gives a great story to tell. You can scare all the high school kids about thinking having a baby is fun. :) You can say it takes DAYS to have a baby. :) I am thankful everyone is okay and healthy. :) Love ya and Congrats!