Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paper or baby!?!

So here I sit, 39+ weeks pregnant, hiding in my bed room, listening to my dog lick his paws because my hubby is playing D&D down stairs. Some may think being banished to their room is no fun, but I'm diggin it.  You see, I have this paper...  it's for my Ministry license.  It's due March 19th.  I'm due March 11.  I need to finish the paper so when miss thing comes I don't have to worry about the paper... but I don't really want to write this paper.  I've already done my years in seminary, i'm done thinking thelogically, now i'm ready to play games and go on fun trips with youth....  Anywho, the paper is about 2 questions and a few editing from being done.  Zoe on the other hand, who knows when she's going to come.  she's quite content where she's at.  She's rolling around, and only making my ribs hurt every once in awhile. 
So here's my new Goal: Finish paper tomorrow, so baby can come when shes ready too......  there i put it on the world wide web, therefore it shall be!

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