Wednesday, July 21, 2010


so mommy isn't doing a good job at keeping the world informed of how amazing i am doing at growing up, so i hijacked her blog so that the world can know!
so in the past three weeks i've been to Omaha, Chicago twice, and Winamac IN.  i flew on a plane to chicago and I was a rock star... (I will post pics of that later) then I went to gammy brenda's so all the aunts could meet me and I could see my great-grandpa earl....  not to mention get lots of snuggles from auntie brooke. 
Last week i went to chicago with my mommy's youth group. They went on a mission trip. i was there team mascot cause i'm so cute.  Anyway here's a pic of the crew

Notice I wasn't there...  mommy said I had to go to the babysitters, which was okay cause i LOVE natalie!!!

Well the first day of the mission trip I got to go with the big kids to their VBS because mommy's friend Julie was sick.  While i was there I made a new friend, his name is Matt...  he's a real good snuggler!

While mommy and the big kids were leading their VBS and visiting men's homeless shelters and praying for the city of Chicago, i was working on a few projects myself...  no, not that!  I was working on rolling over and cutting a few teeth!  not to mention i found my toes!  They are so fun!! 
Well i didn't roll over in chicago, although i had all the big kids cheering me on... 

here's a pic of me and my friend Hannah, she made me belly laugh a lot, she's so funny... i miss my Hannah
well at the end of the trip mom brought the big kids and me to navy pier.  it was a ton of fun.  Here are some pics of me on the Farris wheel!

me and matt... yes there are two!

here Kathy is trying to teach me to be naughty and stick my hands outside of the carriage...  mommy didn't like that

Here's me with mommy, we are snuggle bunnying!

Finally I said good bye to that beautiful chicago sky line

Well that concludes my time in Chicago, but there were still a lot of first to be had.  We went to WI Dells and I went swimming for the first time with mommy...  I may or may not have swam with my babysitter...  don't tell mommy.  Then we all drove back to sioux falls so i could see my daddy... it had been too long!
the next day I had a happy surprise Aunt Mami and unckie grant and family came to town to see me.  we had a picnic at falls park and while they were all off climbing on rocks i rolled over for the first time... it made mommy cry!
that's my adventures!  I should go to bed now, i'm getting real tired!
thank for reading!
Zoe :D

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