Sunday, June 7, 2009

Round 2

Today was round two of good byes for me... in two ways actually. After 3 years, potty training, crazy statements, days at the park, museum, play McDonald's and yes, even Starbucks... I said goodbye to my little Rory. My last day watching her was last Friday, but today Blake and I had lunch with her and her family. It was fun to go out with them, and I only cried a little when we parted ways.

It's hard to say good bye to someone who has been a constant in one's life for three years... to a little one who makes you laugh and is the topic of most of my conversations and stories... I mean, she was pretty much my best friend in Chicago...

I know that 'good-bye' isn't forever, and I know that I will see her again soon (For her birthday in July), But it's a change, and change is hard... and it's another ending to this chapter of my life....


  1. so tough to move on sometimes. hugs.

  2. Aww dang you got me crying again. You are an amazing lady Mrs. Craig, and the Prestos will be blessed for years to come with Jillisms and the positive effects you had on their daughters life.

  3. I ditto that Blake!
    Rory was one of the coolest kids I ever!