Monday, June 15, 2009

Peanut Butter and Apples

There are times in one's life when things are smooth and easy sailing, then there are times when life is so full of up and downs that your stress level doesn't know what to do. This past weeks has been one of those weeks. Last week I started my final chapter of my Seminary Career... CPE. Clinical Pastoral Experience... a time of stretching, learning, and growing.... A time of stress, anxiety and doubt of ones pastoral ability. It is a season of learning to love and listen to strangers who you will only see once. It is a season of comforting those who have lost a love one. It is a season of offering hope to someone who is physically in pain and sees no end to it. It is also a season of rejection from patients who do not want to visited by a Chaplin.

During this season of my life (a short season--ending Aug 22) I would covet your prayer for courage, words, strength, and peace as I learn to depend on God in difficult circumstances...


  1. Jilly - you are such a lovely writer. :) you make me smile as well. Or maybe I just miss you sooooooo much that no matter what you say it makes me smile - anywho - yes I will pray for you my Jilly that God will be with you and you will lean on him when ya need him. :)