Monday, May 11, 2009

5K's and such

In a effort to prolong the writing of my final (and only) Covenant History Paper, I thought I would blog about this past weekends experience. It was quite a lovely experience. Blake and I met my dear friend Nicole at the Wisconsin Dells. We drove up Friday night in preparation for a 5k run Sat. morning. The 5k was a great experience.

Nicole and I planned to run it as a way of saying good bye seminary, we survived and we came out stronger. And stronger we where. Nicole and I completed our 5k in 30 minutes. That may not seem like a great time to some of you, but to use, it was simply amazing, in fact we still don't believe that the timer was right, or the course really was 3.1 miles. But anyway, we'll take it! Not only did we run the race, but Blake joined us, running the race in 31:32, which is great for a man who hasn't run that far in about 5 years.
After our 5k, we had a nice brunch and headed to kohl's, my favorite place to shop. I found two cute shirts for my summer CPE internship, I was quite satisfied.
Sunday began much to early, but it was a day spent with people I love. We began by helping Vanessa move some stuff to her temporary summer home, then loaded up the car again to hold Holly's stuff for awhile. We came home to our friend Allison (now called Allie). Allie attended church with us, then we dropped her off at the train. A few hours later I was off to Midway to pick up Nicole. She flew into town for the Senior Dessert. Nicole and Holly shared a meal with us, before heading off to spend time with the love of her life. Henry.
Who is not this little any more :(
After Nicole left, I had a few hours to work on the paper that I should currently be working on. Holly came back to pick up some food that we where storing for her for the afternoon, then to finish the night off my new friend Michelle walked through the door. She spent the night with us so she could be close to work for her 6:30 shift.
It was a wonderful day of chaos, and I can't wait to have another day similar to it, for I love my friends dearly and I relish every minute that I can spend with them.

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  1. I think an amazing thing about my wife is her open heart. She allows the good, the bad and even me to get away with being who we are. She has begun to open my heart to interruptions of the kind she loves, and I want to again praise God and my wife for all the blessings they have given to me. I have met some amazing people because of my wife, and my love Christ solidifies because of her everyday, thank you Jillybear. Your love amazes me.